Published on November 11, 2021 | Written by The Lasting Joy Brewery Team

Local Spotlight: Tousey Winery

While we anxiously await our grand opening and are still in construction mode, we wanted to highlight some of the great local businesses and business owners with whom we share this little town. First up is Kimberly from Tousey winery. 

Tousey Winery is a local family-owned winery with a charming tasting room just off Route 9 in Clermont. They grow their grapes on 15-acres, and 85% of the wine is made from estate vineyards. 

  1. What brought you to the Hudson Valley?
    Well, it was all a coincidence. I was born here; Ben is from the north of England, and we fell in love in London. My dad, Ray, was already producing his own “Creme de Cassis” made from his locally grown blackcurrants and honey. After Ben and I had our first child, my dad pitched the idea to move here to take over the small wine business he was building. We thought it would be romantic to make it a reality, so we took the leap! Little did we know just how incredibly challenging it would prove, but it’s been incredibly rewarding.
  2. What is your favorite part about living / working here?
    The community is so incredibly genuine here, and it is something I respect. We get to live, work and be a part of something exceptional. 
  3. What do you want people to know about you or your business?
    That we are family-owned, full-time. But that doesn’t affect our high standards. With us both having experience in the service industry, we understand that hospitality is a priority, and we appreciate our customers and their loyalty immensely. 
  4. Fun fact about yourself OR What’s your favorite beer?
    A pilsner, any top-quality European, to be specific!

They truly do bring a whole new meaning to family-run, and they create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You can go in any of the days they’re open and catch Ben or Kimberley in the tasting room pouring glasses of wine or serving up a delicious cheeseboard. 

Instagram: @TouseyWinery 

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