Taproom Offerings


Taproom Offerings


English Beet Stout

5.0% ABV
We incorporated NY-grown beets into this stout to give you a one-of-a-kind take on this classic style. Full-bodied with a malty backbone and hints of bittersweet chocolate.


Parson Brown Ale

4.65% ABV
A classic English style brown ale: rich in color with flavors of chocolate, coffee, and nuttiness. Malt forward and light on hops. Named after our own Parson Matt Brown. Sip this brew as our winter wonderland melts into fields of green.


County Route 4 Kölsch

5.1% ABV
A classic Kölsch-style ale, with the addition of locally grown rye. The spice of the rye sets against the dry barley and subtle fruitiness of the hops. A true ‘lawnmower beer’ to be enjoyed as we emerge from winter into warm, sunny days.


Berliner Weisse

2.9% ABV
Our take on a classic style of beer. This brew is low alcohol, dry, and refreshing, with a tart finish. We recommend adding a small amount of one of our locally made shrubs!


Cherry Saison

4.7% ABV
We took our traditional Saison and split it up three ways. We added a ton of NYS cherry puree for this version, lending to a fuller, dryer-drinking brew.



Czech Pilsner

4.75% ABV
New York’s homegrown ingredients shine in this traditional Czech Pilsner. Crisp, classic, and refreshing, this beer is light in color, pouring clean and clear.


Mint Condition

5.7% ABV
This stout is deep, dark, and decadent. Brewed as a sweeter stout, and then topped with heaps of raw cocoa nibs and dried peppermint. A real treat that can pair just as well with a donut as with a nightcap.



5.1% ABV
Did you know that Tivoli spelled backward is I-LOV-IT? It’s something known around the small village, and gives locals an extra sense of pride when we see it and say it! This Vienna Style Lager is amber in color, with a strong malty backbone, but is light and crisp.



6.4% ABV
The tropical flavors of an IPA, fermented dry and crisp, with the addition of an abundance of raspberries. This Brut IPA bursts with flavor like an effervescent daiquiri. Brewed to support the Pink Boots Society for International Women’s Day, in collaboration with Hudson Valley Malt & Black Snake Brewing Compan





Red Hook Winery | 2019 “Gaia” (On Tap)


Millbrook Winery | Pinot Noir


Millbrook Winery | Tocai Friulano



Abandoned Cider | Hopped (On Tap)


Abandoned Cider | Barrel Aged Cans



Hudson Valley Distillers | Jacked Up Sidecar


Hudson Valley Distillery | Basil Crush



Made with our house-brewed seltzer and Weathertop Farms shrubs.


N/A Drinks

Laughing Gut Kombucha
Partake Brewing | Pale Ale
Partake Brewing | Dark Ale


Selection of snacks from New York State.


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