Published on October 5, 2022 | Written by The Lasting Joy Brewery Team

Local Spotlight: Stissing House

Stissing House was constructed in 1782, so its roots originate in revolutionary America. At the time, the upstate NY town of Pine Plains sat at the intersections of essential carriage routes and, eventually, rail lines. Due to this, Stissing House hosted hundreds of locals and travelers as they enjoyed spirits and food while dancing unfettered in America’s first domed ballroom.

As will all things, time and change took a toll on this historic landmark. During the twentieth century, this once-town centerpiece had fallen into ruination. Luckily for all of us, the 1990s saw rebirth, with Stissing House eventually restored and reopened as a French tavern. Today, chef and owner Clare de Boer serves feasts on the same wooden floors cut by early American settlers.

Continuing our spotlight on exceptional establishments in the Hudson Valley, we met with Nathan Rawlinson, General Manager of Stissing House.

  1. What brought you to the Hudson Valley?
    My wife and I wanted to escape the city, and I was introduced to Clare de Boer (chef and owner of Stissing House) through a mutual friend. Fell in love with the restaurant the moment I walked in the door.
  2. What is your favorite part about living / working here?
    The outdoors, hiking, and exploring all the small towns in the area. The abundance of amazing produce, all the small breweries, and distilleries. The weather – I love the seasons.
  3. What do you want people to know about you or your business?
    We are committed to becoming a fixture in the Hudson Valley and want the restaurant to appeal to all types of people, whether to be a special occasion restaurant or a place they come to all the time.
  4. Fun fact about yourself OR What’s your favorite beer?
    I am a total sucker for a hazy IPA. It’s become an obsession of mine. I worked for 15 years in NYC as a sommelier or beverage director, and I much prefer beer over anything else to drink. I’m originally from the UK, so I practically grew up drinking English Ales.

If you find yourself hungering for an amazing dining experience, then we highly recommend this historic small-town tavern turned restaurant extraordinaire.

Instagram: @StissingHouse

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